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H.H. Streak


H.H. Streak 6-87 v EnglandBack to boards

In 2000 H.H. Streak became the first test player from Zimbabwe to seal his spot on the honours board with impressive figures of 6-87.

Zimbabwe were set to play their 10th test and their first at The Home of Cricket since making their debut in 1992. The English powerhouse took the new ball and rattled through the inexperienced batting line up as Zimbabwe were bowled out for 83 with an individual top score of only 24.

England settled into their first innings and the test started to look a little one sided. However, Streak had other ideas and dismissed England’s top four batsmen with great determination and skill to give Zimbabwe a fighting chance.

Streak finished off the England innings claiming the wickets of Caddick and Giddins and restricted the hosts to a score of 415.

Although the test was seaming to be a little one sided, Streak claimed figures of 6-87 and had shown England that he was not a force to be reckoned with.

Zimbabwe were then bowled out for 123 and lost the test by an innings and 209 runs, but Streak had sealed his spot on the honours board for generations to come.