J.B. Statham


J.B. Statham 11-97 v South AfricaBack to boards

Brian Statham’s best match analysis came against South Africa at Lord’s in 1960, taking 11 for 97.

He bowled almost throughout South Africa’s first innings which lasted 3 hours and 5 minutes, keeping a perfect length and moving the ball either way off the ground to the batsmen’s discomfort, and was supported admirably by A E Moss throughout, who took four wickets.

South Africa collapsed to 152 all out on Day 3 with a deficit of 210.

A subsequent thunderstorm that afternoon gave Statham the chance to rest and when he returned, refreshed on Day 4, he took a further five wickets, hitting the middle stump twice to end the match and being the first English fast bowler to take eleven wickets in one game since the Second World War.

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