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Laws of Cricket animations - English

Laws of Cricket animations - English

New to the game? Teaching a new fan about some of the more complex aspects of cricket? Struggling with the finer points of LBW?

In 2013 MCC launched a new set of animations in English, Urdu and Hindi to help young players, novices and casual fans develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Cricket, with the second set in the series launched in June 2014, and third in May 2015 and the fourth in September 2017. 

The English versions are narrated by actor, writer, cricket lover and sometime umpire Stephen Fry.

Fair catch


Dead ball

Leg bye & bye


The wicket is down

Batsman out of his ground

Damaging the pitch

Hit the ball twice

Obstructing the field


Boundary catching

Running out the Non-striker

No ball

Wide ball

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