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Law 39 (Stumped)

1. Out Stumped

(a) The striker is out Stumped, except as in 3 below, if,

(i) a ball which is not a No ball is delivered,

and (ii) he is out of his ground, other than as in 3(a) below,

and (iii) he has not attempted a run,

when (iv) his wicket is fairly put down by the wicket-keeper without the intervention of another fielder. Note, however Laws 2.8(c) and (e) (Transgression of the Laws by a batsman who has a runner) and 40.3 (Position of wicket-keeper).

(b) The striker is out Stumped if all the conditions of (a) above are satisfied, even though a decision of Run out would be justified.

2. Ball rebounding from wicket-keeper’s person

(a) If the wicket is put down by the ball, it shall be regarded as having been put down by the wicket-keeper if the ball

(i) rebounds on to the stumps from any part of the wicket-keeper’s person or equipment other than a protective helmet,

or (ii) has been kicked or thrown on to the stumps by the wicket-keeper.

(b) If the ball touches a protective helmet worn by the wicket-keeper, the ball is still in play but the striker shall not be out Stumped. He will, however, be liable to be Run out in these circumstances if there is subsequent contact between the ball and any fielder. Note, however, 3 below.

3. Not out Stumped

(a) Notwithstanding 1 above, the striker will not be out Stumped if he has left his ground in order to avoid injury.

(b) If the striker is not out Stumped he may, except in the circumstances of either of Laws 2.8(e)(i) or 38.2(b)(ii), be out Run out if the conditions of Law 38.1 (Out Run out) apply.

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