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New Code of Laws - October 2017

The first new Code of the Laws of Cricket since 2000 will take effect around the world from 1 October 2017.

The significant changes to the 42 Laws are as follows:

  • Now written in language applying to all persons, regardless of gender.
  • The Handled the ball Law has been deleted, with its contents merged into Obstructing the field.
  • The Lost ball Law has been deleted and is now covered under Dead ball.
  • Limits placed on the thickness of the edges and the overall depth of the bat.
  • Injuries hoped to be prevented in a new Law which allow mechanisms tethering the bails to the stumps.
  • Bowling of deliberate front foot No balls to be treated in same way as deliberate full-tosses.
  • A new Law of the game, Players’ conduct, is introduced, giving an in-match consequence for poor on-field behaviour.
  • The Law regarding running out the non-striker has been altered.
  • 'Bouncing bat’ Law changed, substitutes now allowed to keep wicket and concept of penalty time amended.

The summary changes to the Laws of Cricket 2017 Code can be viewed here.



Please note

The new Code of the Laws of Cricket was released digitally on 11 April 2017.  The Laws will come into force on 1 October 2017 but MCC was keen to release the version as early as possible, particularly for those countries whose seass commence or are in progress in October.

Some minor errors, omissions or improvements have been noticed since the release in April and amendments have been made to certain Laws. 

All changes that have been made are highlighted in the version of the Laws attached below. marked ‘showing changes’.


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