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The Laws of Cricket App

MCC launched the Laws of Cricket App, available to download for free on mobile and tablet, in May 2016.

Compatible with all Google Android and Apple iOS devices, the App brings the the Laws of the Game to life and puts them in your pocket.

Featuring all the Laws, explanations, animations and more video content - as well as a quiz suitable for all levels of knowledge - the Laws of Cricket App is a must have for players, officials and fans the world over.

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The Laws

The complete Laws of Cricket, usefully categorized in the following sections:

  • Setting up the game
  • Innings and result
  • Scoring runs
  • Fiedlers, substitutes, etc
  • Over, dead ball and extras
  • Appeals and dismissals
  • Preamble & Spirit of Cricket
  • Appendices

Once you’ve found the Law that your interested in, why not bookmark it for later. These Laws will be stored in the ‘bookmark’ section for quick access at a later date.


Fifteen of the most popular Laws have been animated and are featured in the App. It is hoped that these will help young players, novices and casual fans develop a greater understanding of the Laws of Cricket.

The actor, broadcaster and writer Stephen Fry, a well known cricket enthusiast and occasional umpire, brings his authoritative voice to the narration.

Stephen is aided in his teaching endeavours by ‘Tommy’, an animated young cricketer.


Think you know your cricket? Now is the time to find out with the Laws of Cricket quiz. Three levels of difficulty have been incorporated into the quiz (beginner, intermediate and advanced), so everyone can have a go - from those new to the game to seasoned professionals.

Umpire Signals

Demystify umpire signals with the Laws of Cricket App. Eighteen video umpire signals are included in the App that will help, players, officials and fans to understand exactly what the umpires are signaling.

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