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MCC Committee

The MCC Committee is the Club's Main Committee.

It is chaired by Gerald Corbett and consists of: the President; the Treasurer; three Trustees; the chairmen of the Club’s six principal committees; and twelve elected members, voted for by the Club’s Membership, who each sit for three years at a time.

Four Members are elected to the Committee annually.

President: Roger Knight (the President Designate 2016/17 is Matthew Fleming)

Chairman: Gerald Corbett

Treasurer: Robert Leigh


Mike Griffith (retires 30 September 2016)

Andrew Beeson (retires 30 September 2017)

Adrian Beecroft (retires 30 September 2018)

Chairmen of committees

Arts & Library: David Faber

Cricket: Matthew Fleming

Estates: Colin Maber

Finance: Robert Leigh (also Treasurer)

Membership & General Purposes: Nigel Peters

World Cricket: Mike Brearley

Elected MCC Committee members

To retire on 30 September 2016
Nick Pocock
Peter Leaver
Vicky Griffiths
Isabelle Duncan

To retire on 30 September 2017
Tony Alt
Simon Hughes
Giles Toogood
Garri Jones

To retire on 30 September 2018
Mike Gatting
Chinmay Gupte
Chris Guyver
Graham Monkhouse

To join on 30 September 2016

Angus Fraser
Robert Griffiths
Nigel Peters
Hugo Loudon

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