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General Ground Regulations

General Ground Regulations:

A) Marylebone Cricket Club reserves the right of admission to Lord’s Ground, all persons entering which are liable to be searched.

B) All persons entering Lord’s Ground are admitted subject to the Regulations of MCC who reserve the right to remove from Lord’s Ground any person who refuses to comply with or breaches them, or who refuses to follow the instruction of any person acting for or on behalf of the Club or a member of the police force.

C) Any person who makes abusive or threatening comments, whether racially or sexually motivated or otherwise, or who, in any way, acts in an abusive or threatening manner, or whose presence (in the Club’s reasonable opinion) is a source of danger, nuisance or annoyance to others, may be subject to ejection from the Ground and any such other action as may be determined by the Club.

D. A person wearing a kirpan may be admitted to Lord’s Ground so long as such kirpan is no more than six inches in length (blade and handle), in a sheath and worn under a shirt or a similar garment; and is being carried as part of the person’s religious observation.

E. No person may bring a dog (other than a guide dog) into Lord’s Ground unless written authority is obtained in advance from the Chief Executive & Secretary.

F. A spectator may bring alcoholic drinks into the Ground in one of the following descriptions and quantities:

(I) under 6% ABV – 2 pints (1136 ml); or

(II) between 6% and 18 % ABV – 75cl. Amounts of alcohol in excess of these limits and any alcohol in excess of 18% ABV will be confiscated. Under no circumstances will any spectator be re-admitted to Lord’s Ground at any time during the day if in possession of any alcohol. MCC reserves the right to confiscate any quantity of alcohol from any spectator, leaving or entering Lord’s Ground.

G. Flags and banners (except on NatWest T20 Blast match days), musical instruments, klaxons, rattles, fireworks and other articles which, in the Club’s reasonable opinion, may constitute an annoyance to spectators are also prohibited inside Lord’s Ground. The wearing of fancy dress costumes and oversized hats inside Lord’s Ground is prohibited.

H. A spectator who has left Lord’s Ground before 4 p.m. will be re-admitted on the same day without further payment of the admission charge, but only if he or she produces a ticket valid for re-admission, or if issued, a return pass together with the retained portion of a valid admission ticket.

I. On no occasion is play guaranteed and on no occasion will any money, paid for the admission of any person to Lord’s Ground, be returned other than in respect of days for which a ticket-refund scheme applies, the details of such scheme being printed on the reverse of all tickets.

J. All unauthorised persons are prohibited from entering the playing area at all times.

K. All persons while at Lord’s Ground are prohibited from:

(i) throwing any object or projectile without lawful authority or excuse;

(ii) climbing on any building, wall, other structure or tree;

(iii) obstructing any staircase, gangway, passageway or alleyway;

(iv) defacing or obscuring any notice or advertisement on display; or

(v) causing damage to, or otherwise interfering with, any item of equipment, furniture, fitting or fixture.

L. Smoking is prohibited inside the Pavilion and all other buildings in Lord’s Ground, whether permanent or temporary structures, in all shops, offices and workshops, in all dressing rooms, washrooms and lavatories, in all boxes and marquees, and on all staircases. On the concourse, roof terrace and balconies of the Pavilion, in all stands and enclosures, and on the balconies of boxes, smoking is not permitted except in designated areas. In other areas of Lord’s Ground, smoking is permitted unless no-smoking signs are exhibited or an area where smoking is prohibited is otherwise marked. Electronic cigarettes may not be used in any public stand.

M. Mobile Devices (including, but not restricted to, telephones, radios, cameras, music players, video recorders and players, watches, computers and other electrical or electronic devices or any other such device now known or hereafter invented) may be used subject to the following restrictions applying to their use, and for the purpose of this Regulation (m) Lord’s Ground is divided into three Areas, as follows:

Area A: the Pavilion, the Middlesex Room of the Allen Stand, the Warner Stand Mezzanine Restaurant and the Warner Stand Upper Bar. Within this Area, at all times, Mobile Devices must not be allowed to ring or make any other audible sound, and no person may speak into a Mobile Device.

Area B: the Pavilion Concourse and balconies, all other Enclosures and Stands, and all other seating areas from which the playing area can be viewed, including balconies of boxes. Within this Area once the umpires have appeared on the playing area for the purpose of starting or restarting play and until the umpires have left the playing area, Mobile Devices must not be allowed to ring or make any other audible sound, and no person may speak into a Mobile Device. Within this Area at other times, Mobile Devices may be allowed to ring and it is permitted to speak into them.

Area C: all other parts of Lord’s Ground. Within this Area, at all times, Mobile Devices may be allowed to ring and it is permitted to speak into them.

N. The taking of photographs, and all types of filming in the Pavilion are prohibited save with the prior authorisation, in writing, of the Chief Executive & Secretary.

O. It is prohibited for any photograph, video recording, film, sketch, painting or other image produced within Lord’s Ground to be used for any commercial purpose, including (without limitation) for any commercial reproduction and distribution, whether as a freestanding image or recording or by application or incorporation of the same to or in any goods or use in connection with the provision of any services. The making of any such image for any of the commercial purposes referred to in this Regulation (o) is likewise prohibited save with the prior authorisation, in writing, of the Chief Executive & Secretary.

P. Under no circumstances may any person at Lord’s Ground use a mobile telephone, computer or any other kind of communication device (now known or hereafter invented) to communicate, transfer or otherwise transmit any audio, visual or audio-visual data, information, commentary, footage or other material in relation to a cricket match (or any aspect thereof) taking place at Lord’s Ground for any kind of improper betting or any other corrupt, fraudulent or unlawful purpose.

Q. Any person at Lord’s Ground who is reasonably suspected by MCC (or its appointed nominees, including but not limited for such purposes to the anti-corruption officials and any other representatives of the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB)) of acting in breach of Regulation (p) during any cricket match unconditionally acknowledges, accepts and agrees that

(i) such person must, upon request by MCC (or its appointed nominees), provide his or her name and address and an explanation for his or her suspicious conduct (including full details of the nature of his or her suspicious communications), and

(ii) such person may be photographed and, or, filmed by MCC (or its appointed nominees), and

(iii) any such names, addresses, photographs and films collected by MCC (or its appointed nominees) pursuant to this Regulation may be shared between each of the ECB and the first class county cricket clubs and relevant official cricket authorities and the police and any relevant crime-prevention authorities, for the purposes of any criminal investigations or proceedings, and, or, in connection with any investigation into a potential breach of domestic or international cricket anticorruption rules and, or, to enable MCC, the ECB and the first class county cricket clubs to give reciprocal effect to any ban on entry which is subsequently imposed by MCC pursuant to this Regulation. Personal data collected under this provision will be processed in accordance with the Data Protection Act 1998 (the “Act”). A person providing his or her personal data may have rights in respect of such data under the Act and any questions regarding the handling of personal data should be addressed to MCC which is the data controller for the purposes of the Act.

R. Any person reasonably suspected of being in breach of Regulation (q) accepts that he or she may be immediately removed from Lord’s Ground (without any financial or other compensation) and prohibited from entering Lord’s Ground and any other cricket ground under the control of MCC, the ECB or any first class county cricket club for life or such other period of time as the MCC Committee deems appropriate in respect of Lord’s Ground and as the ECB or the relevant ground authority deems appropriate in respect of any other ground, in all cases in the sole and absolute discretion of the MCC Committee, the ECB or the relevant ground authority, as the case may be.

S. No other betting (unless specifically authorised by the MCC Committee), unnecessary noise, or confusion of any kind is permitted in any part of Lord’s Ground.

T. No person inside Lord’s Ground may offer articles for sale, or offer the provision of services, or distribute leaflets or any other form of printed material, save with the prior authorisation, in writing, of the Chief Executive & Secretary. Unauthorised goods offered for sale within Lord’s Ground will be confiscated.

U. Private boxes and other entertainment facilities are not transferable and are subject to conditions laid down by the MCC Committee.

V. The availability of car parking within Lord’s Ground will be decided by the MCC Committee in accordance with the importance of any match.

W. Any property (including any motor car or other vehicle) left anywhere on the premises of MCC remains at the entire risk of the owner of the property or person leaving the same, and the Club accepts no liability for the theft or other loss of or damage to such property.

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