MCC Men's Regional T20 Finals Day

Match Details

Semi-Final 1: 9.45 to 12.30 – MCC East Anglia v. MCC Home Counties  

Umpires: Raf Patel & Duncan Forbes
Scorers: Norman Bygrave & Peter Coleman

Lunch: 12.30 to 12.50 (20 minutes)

Semi-Final 2: 12.50 to 15.35 – MCC North West v. MCC North, North East

Umpires: Alistair Davies & Shaun Storey
Scorers: Nathan Bradley & TBC

Tea: 15.35 to 15.55 (20 minutes)

Final: 15.55 to 18.35 – Winners (Semi-Final 1) v. Winners (Semi-Final 2). 

Audio Commentary

MCC is providing live audio commentary from this fixture. To access the commentary, please click here

The commentators are Will Hobbs, Avinash Savjani and Terry Smith. If you’d like to get in touch with the team, please e-mail them here.

East Anglia

Zain Shahzad
Joe Ellis-Grewel
Max Osborne
Alistair Russell
Tom Gentle
Paul Hurworth
Dougie Rice
Ben Harris
Alex Martin
Prithvirajsinh Sarvaiya
Henry Campbell

Home Counties

Adam Muttit
Caspar Mason
Chris Watling
Wes Morrick
Scott Galloway
Lewis Sharp
Robin Pritchard
Tom Lytle
Praven Sivarajah
George Sandbach
Gus Kennedy

North, North East

Finlay McCreath
Adil Ditta
Liam Coates
Neil Longhurst
Doug Mulholland
Tuseif Mahmood
Simon Guy
Kez Ahmed
Rob Peyton
Ben Robinson
Simon Lambert

North West

Warren Goodwin
David Hurst
Nick Anderson
Andrew Clarke
Chris Holt
Ed Foster
Harry Killoran
Harry Donelan
James Scott
Sam Leech