The safety and security of our players, Members, supporters and staff is of the highest priority at Lord's.

We work closely with the police and other partners to assess our risks and then use a range of tactics to keep our Members and spectators safe. Some of these are obvious (like search dogs) and others less so.

Anyone coming to Lord's should can expect to be searched on entry to the Ground. 

Please follow the guidance given by our stewards and security staff.

For matchdays, we suggest that you bring with you only essential items or leave bags at home if possible. 

We have specific ground regulations about what you can bring to the ground, how you behave, and disruption to cricket including demonstrations. These are set out below and can also be found here.

Help Lord’s stay secure by staying alert; if something doesn’t look right, tell a steward.

Prohibited or Restricted Items

3.1 Animals

Any animal (other than a guide dog or police dog) other than with the prior written authorisation of the Chief Executive & Secretary.

3.2 Dangerous materials

Fireworks, flares, firearms, weapons, any article that is hazardous or illegal or any device or object which in MCC’s reasonable opinion has the potential to be dangerous, hazardous, cause injury, harm or public nuisance.

3.3 Drones

Remote Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) or equipment to control or operate such as RPAS.

3.4 Kirpans

A Visitor wearing a kirpan may be admitted to Lord’s so long as such kirpan is no more than six inches in length (blade and handle), in a sheath and worn under a shirt or a similar garment; and is being carried as part of the Visitor’s religious observation.

3.5 Lasers

Laser lights or laser pointers.

3.6 Wheels

Segways, rollerblades, skateboards or scooters (excluding wheelchairs and mobility scooters).

Cricket Match Regulations

In addition to the Regulations set out above, the following must be observed at cricket matches.

4.1 Alcohol

On a day of a match other than T20 Blast Matches or The Hundred Matches, small quantities of alcohol may be brought into Lord’s, but is limited to the equivalent of:

(a) one bottle of wine or Champagne (max. 750ml), or
(b) two cans/bottles of beer/cider (max. 500ml each), or
(c) two cans of premixed aperitifs (max. 330ml each) per spectator.

Bottles of spirits or fortified wines will not be allowed into Lord’s. Amounts of alcohol in excess of these limits and any alcohol in excess of 16%ABV will be confiscated.

Under no circumstances will any spectator be re-admitted to Lord’s at any time during the day if in possession of any alcohol. MCC reserves the right to confiscate any quantity of alcohol from any spectator, leaving or entering Lord’s.

4.2 Cameras

Any camera tripods, monopods, lenses with a total focal length of greater than 200mm or commercial digital video equipment or sound recording equipment is strictly prohibited unless authorised by MCC.

4.3 Fancy dress

The wearing of any fancy dress costume and/or oversized hats is prohibited.

4.4 Field of play

Visitors are strictly prohibited from entering the playing field at Lord’s at any time (except with the prior written authorisation of the Chief Executive & Secretary or as part of an authorisation provided by MCC).

4.5 Flags and banners

Flags and banners are permitted on days of T20 Blast Matches and The Hundred Matches only.

4.6 Large items

Any large article that cannot be placed under a seat, or any inflatable item including any balloon, beach ball, receptacle, other inflatable device or structure, is prohibited.

4.7 Musical instruments

Whistles, horns, noise makers, klaxons, rattles, vuvuzelas and any other devices in the opinion of MCC which has the potential to dangerous, hazardous, cause injury or public nuisance, are prohibited.

4.8 Re-entry

On a day of a match, a Visitor who has left Lord’s during the match will be re-admitted on the same day without further payment of the admission charge, but only if they produce a ticket valid for re-admission.

4.9 Use of Mobile Devices

Mobile Devices (including, but not restricted to, telephones, radios, cameras, music players, video recorders and players, watches, computers, laptops, and other electrical or electronic devices or any other such device now known or hereafter invented) may be used subject to the following restrictions applying to their use, and for the purpose of this Regulation 4.9 Lord’s is divided into three Areas, as follows:

Area A: the Pavilion and the Warner Stand Bars and Restaurant. Within this Area, at all times, Mobile Devices must not be allowed to ring or make any other audible sound, and no Visitor may speak into a Mobile Device.

Area B: the Pavilion concourse and balconies, all other enclosures and stands, and all other seating areas from which the playing area can be viewed, including balconies of suites. Within this Area once the umpires have appeared on the playing area for the purpose of starting or restarting play and until the umpires have left the playing area, Mobile Devices must not be allowed to ring or make any other audible sound, and no Visitor may speak into a Mobile Device. Within this Area at other times, Mobile Devices may be allowed to ring and it is permitted to speak into them.

Area C: all other parts of Lord’s. Within this Area, at all times, Mobile Devices may be allowed to ring and it is permitted to speak into them.

For more information, please visit our Ground Regulations page below.

Ground Regulations