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BBC Music Introducing partner with The Hundred on live music

Posted: 18 May 2021

The Hundred, the new 100-ball cricket competition which will arrive at Lord’s later this summer, today announced a new collaboration with BBC Music Introducing to bring live music back to grounds across the country  

The partnership will see sport and entertainment collide as world-class cricket and a strong line-up of live music fuse to create the must-see events of the summer. 

London-based DJ Jess Iszatt will be embedded into the London Spirit team and curate a unique soundtrack, reflective of the city and the people, players and artists within it.  

The music on offer at each game is designed to bring supporters right into the action and will all be live. From walk out music, to game reaction sounds, the venue DJs are in full control of the sound of their team. 

DJ Jess Iszatt

DJ Jess Iszatt says, “This time just over a year ago, I was already looking forward to being a part of The Hundred, but it is safe to say I am even more buzzing to be a part of a huge major event coming back this summer, like coming out of a cold dark winter hibernation!

We all know that both sport and music are key in helping maintain mental and physical well-being, and during the pandemic, both the sporting and music world have been halted. I can't wait to be playing great new music that I have discovered over the past year, whilst cheering on London Spirit!” 

"The right song at the right time can be just what you need, especially if you're in the middle of a game looking for inspiration"

London Spirit player Heather Knight says, “As cities go London's got a pretty good history from a music point of view. It's produced a lot of recognisable artists over the years and if you're walking around, you won't get too far without hearing a tune.

The right song at the right time can be just what you need, especially if you're in the middle of a game looking for inspiration! I'm looking forward to hearing what Jess Iszatt [London Spirit DJ] has got for us this summer. Hopefully she can keep us entertained while we're winning on the pitch." 

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