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MCC announces changes to the new Code of Laws from April 1st 2019

Posted: 18 December 2018

Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) has today announced several minor corrections and clarifications from the 2017 new Code of Laws, which will come into force on April 1st 2019.

The alterations to the Laws of Cricket in October 2017 was the most significant that have been made for almost two decades. The Code has been well received and has had a positive impact on cricket all over the world, but some issues have emerged and the second edition aims for clarification.

Most of the changes are minor, but there are several significant changes:

  • A reworking of Law 41.7, which relates to full-pitch deliveries over waist height (known colloquially as ‘beamers’). MCC listened to significant feedback and has handed more control to umpires to determine whether or not a delivery is dangerous.

Also relevant to that Law, and at the behest of umpires, MCC has for the first time put into the Laws a definition of the waist – something that has long been a point of contention, particularly in the recreational game.

  • There is a slight change to Law 41.16, which should further confirm the principle, established in the 2017 Code, that it is the non-striker’s duty to remain in his/her ground until the bowler has released the ball.

  • The other most notable alterations come in Laws 34 and 37, where the scenarios of hitting the ball twice, and obstructing a catch, after a delivery has been called a No ball, have been addressed.

One change removes a whole clause (the previous Law 41.19) because, after changes to Law 41.2, the clause was simply duplication.

The other changes (there are 22 in total) are not as significant, but can viewed below.

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