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MCC Announces Intended Changes to Law 41.7

Posted: 14 November 2018

MCC today announced that it has amended Law 41.7, the Law which concerns the bowling of dangerous and unfair non-pitching deliveries (beamers). 

The Law published a little over twelve months ago imposed stricter penalties on a bowler who delivers a full toss over the batsman’s waist.

Since its introduction, feedback has been received which suggests strongly that the new sanctions were overly severe (especially to younger bowlers).

In many cases, Governing Bodies introduced their own playing conditions that rendered the new Law irrelevant. 

In response to this feedback, the Laws sub-committee has reviewed Law 41.7 and – with the support of the Cricket committee, World Cricket committee and MCC Committee – agreed that it should be adjusted, with effect from 1st April 2019, to allow umpires to make a more subjective decision over which deliveries are dangerous.

This and other minor clarifications and corrections from the 1st Edition will also be incorporated into the 2nd Edition. 

All other changes will be confirmed by early January 2019 ahead of universal adoption from 1st April 2019. MCC’s Laws eLearning platform will be updated in the New Year to reflect the amends.

To view the Law 41.7 change in full, please click here