My Lord's Story: Kapil Dev

Something we never dreamt of

How would I describe Lord’s?

Lord’s is a place with tradition. The Honours Boards. The five-minute bell. The Long Room.

For people like me who played in the street, it meant everything to come and play here. Lord’s is a name that you can’t wipe away from your memory.

Kapil Dev in 2019 with the Honours Boards.

Walking through that Long Room with all the Members around you clapping whether you get zero or a hundred, I think it’s just so beautiful.

Personally, I’m lucky to have two big memories here.

Firstly, when I took five-wickets in 1982 to be on the Honours Boards.

You play for so long during your career, but suddenly you look back and now see your name forever listed here.

That for me is special. 

"We changed the future of our country and we were so proud"

But, more famously, my obvious memory of Lord’s is, of course, the Cricket World Cup Final win in 1983.

We were up against the West Indies. Such a good team with so many legends. Sir Viv Richards was a personal hero of mine and I was facing him in the final at the best venue in world cricket!

When we beat them, our lives were never going to be the same.

Kapil Dev with the 1983 Prudential Trophy

It was one of the most important things to happen in Indian cricket.

We changed the future for our country and that made us so proud.

Winning the World Cup was something we never dreamt of, especially at Lord’s. I will never ever forget lifting that trophy on the famous balcony.

Still when I come back here to this day, it gives me shivers of the history we achieved.

Kapil Dev with the 1983 Prudential Trophy in 2019

From the streets to the Home of Cricket. I was now a champion.

My name is Kapil Dev and this is my Lord’s Story.

My Lord's Story