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Cricki Leaks- a cracking read

The latest offering from cricket's foremost comedy writer, Alan Tyers, Cricki Leaks is now available from the Lord's Shop.

Tyers and Beach, who co-wrote the Christmas bestseller WG Grace Ate My Pedallo, reunite for Cricki Leaks - The Secret Ashes Diaries.

The book is a series of short diary-style entries, entirely from Tyers' wonderfully warped imagination.

With Beach as co-writer and illustrator, each segment is presented as an extract from the diary of a famous cricketing name and, much in the style of the book itself, with witty puns on other famous book titles such as 'Sir Ian Botham's' 'A Beef History of Time' and 'Merv Hughes's' 'No Country for Bowled Men'.

A thorough knowledge of cricket isn't essential to enjoy Cricki Leaks but it certainly helps.

England fans who remember the Ashes in 2006/7 will wince reading the entries by 'Steve Harmison' (in 'Home and Howay') when in "Brisbane, November 23rd 2006, 10am" Tyers' imagining of the likeable Geordie rattles on about positive visualisation and bowling a great first delivery in the first Ashes Test.

The entry on the same date, later in the day, is rather shorter!

But Tyers doesn't focus solely on recent Ashes forays. Diary entries from Fred Spofforth in the 1880s, The Nawab of Pataudi in the 1930s and even a 10¾-year-old Steve Waugh in the 1970s are all conjured up with hilarious effect.

Tyers has the rare ability to fully inhabit each of the characters called forth in Cricki Leaks. Each rib tickling 'diary' is perfectly unbelievably believable.

Signed copies

Each copy purchased online will be signed by Alan Tyers. Futhermore, Tyers and illustrator Beach will be at the third day of the Sri Lanka Test match, both signing copies of Cricki Leaks.


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