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MCC thanks groundstaff

MCC has paid public thanks to the Club’s groundstaff, whose outstanding work after the Olympic archery competition enabled Lord’s to host this Test Match just 13 days after the final arrow had been shot.

MCC Chief Executive & Secretary, Derek Brewer, will Mick Hunt, Adrian Morgan, Ian Butler, Shane Doherty, Ryan Le Roux, Liam Randall, Adam Thorne and Ash Tumu with programmes signed by a host of former cricketers cum broadcasters in a presentation at Lunch on Day five at Lord's. The Groundstaff were also presented with a bottle of Champagne.

The archery finished on 3rd August, and the stands on the outfield were dismantled by 6th August. The groundstaff, working with turf contractor Steven Pask, then had to transform the outfield back into a state fit for Test cricket through a major project of relaying, repairing and bedding in the turf. Around one-third of the outfield – some 7,000 square yards – had to be relaid and proven to be flat, safe and ready for international cricket.

Video - From Bows to Bails

Derek Brewer, MCC Chief Executive & Secretary, said: "Getting the Ground ready to host this Test Match is one of the biggest challenges the Club has faced in recent times and the fact we succeeded was thanks to a terrific team effort.

"Everyone at MCC has pulled together to make this happen but I wanted to make a special mention of the groundstaff who invest so much time and effort in looking after this Ground.

"They had to adhere to a very strict timetable and had even more targets than the archers to hit. Their tireless work has been appreciated by everyone at the Club, and all those who have visited Lord’s this week to enjoy some wonderful cricket."

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