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Dravid's Spirit of Cricket reminder

Rahul Dravid took the chance to remind young cricketers of the importance of the Spirit of Cricket in the modern age during a talk at a school in Jaipur.

The India batting legend, who played his final match of a stunning career in the final of the 2013 Champions League t20 on Sunday 7 October, addressed more than 100 youngsters at an MCC Spirit of Cricket event at the Neerja Modi School.

Dravid, a member of MCC's World Cricket committee, said: "In times like these, when the game is facing big challenges and some of the players get involved (in corruption), the spirit of the game becomes more relevant and important.

"It is important that you play within rules and in the spirit of the game. Selections should be a consequence of what you are doing, but not the goal. Winning and succeeding is not important if you play foul."

In the late 1990s, two distinguished MCC members (and ex-England captains), Ted Dexter and Lord (Colin) Cowdrey, sought to enshrine the 'Spirit of Cricket' in the game's Laws.

This would remind players of their responsibility for ensuring that cricket is always played in a truly sportsmanlike manner.

The Dexter/Cowdrey initiative proved successful. When the current Code of Laws was introduced, in 2000, it included, for the first time, a Preamble on the Spirit of Cricket.

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