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Father Time struggling to make season opener

Stricken weathervane Father Time will struggle to be in place for the first match of the season at Lord's, which starts on Sunday 12 April.

MCC physio Keith Gladstone diagnosed the famous 89-year-old with significant copper damage to his leg after his removal from the top of the Mound Stand on Tuesday.

And Gladstone gave a worrying assessment of the injury to one of Lord's Cricket Ground's most recognisible landmarks.

Speaking to the Lord's YouTube Channel, he said: "We've seen this sort of injury before, and while miracles do happen, he's going to need a lot of work, and a lot of rehab time to get himself back up and fit to do his job.

"But the start of the season is not far away and I think we're pushing it to get him ready for that date.

injury 2 300The scythe-bearing octogenarian made headlines around the world on Monday, when he was damaged by high winds which left him bent at a 90 degree angle.

But while the prognosis is not looking good for Father Time in the near future, Gladstone moved to assure cricket fans that the weathervane would return in good time.

"He's in his 80s and is no spring chicken," he added.

"But we've seen over the years that he's pretty resilient, and while he might not make the first match of the season, we'll be making sure he gets the right treatment to get him back in position again as soon as possible."

Father Time was given to the MCC by architect Sir Herbert Baker, to apologise when building work on Baker's 1926 Grand Stand was delayed by the General Strike.

He was displayed on top of that stand until the current Grand Stand was built in 1996, when he was moved to his current location above the clock and the scorers' box.

He was the Ground's only casualty during the Blitz – after becoming entangled with a barrage balloon cable, he spent the rest of the War in a cellar.

Appearing as the Grim Reaper, or Death personified, he enacts Law 16 (3) of cricket: 'After the call of Time, the bails shall be removed from both wickets.'

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