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Eton vs Harrow: Listen Live

Eton vs Harrow: Listen Live

The oldest fixture at Lord’s, Eton versus Harrow, takes place today, Saturday 23rd June at the Home of Cricket.

It is one of the longest-running annual sporting fixtures in the world and the only annual school cricket match still to be played at Lord's.

The match is 55 overs per side and is due to begin at 11.00am.

There is live audio commentary from Lord’s today. Click HERE to listen live.

Today’s commentators are: Andrew Miles (Eton), Dr Tim Beard (Eton), Keith Metcalfe (Harrow), Charles Bailey (Harrow), Simon Halliday (Harrow), Matt Walker, Tim Worden

If you would like to get in touch with today’s commentary team, you can do so via e-mail

Today’s teams:


M.O. Anscomb
B.M. Elias
C.E.M. Lyons (capt)
C.L.W. Adar
H.A.M. Thistlethwayte
W.G.D. Lowther-Pinkerton
T.T.St.J. Lytle (wk)
C.D.G. Penny
J.W. Gammell
J.B. Hardy
S. Mathur


L.B.H. Harrington-Myers
H.H. Dicketts
T.N. Sheopuri
R.S. Wijeratne
A.P. Ferreira (wk)
M.W. Ayliffe (Capt)
J.E. Langston
W.A. Falcon
J.A. Chohan
M.S. Ali
H.J.S. Maxwell

Scorers A.H.R. Ford & W.D.F. Cleeve
Umpires: L.R. Allan & N. Kent

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