Ticket Sale Terms and Conditions

Warning - Unauthorised Ticket Sales

Genuine tickets for matches at Lord's are obtainable only from MCC or its authorised agents. The Club hereby gives notice of its policy to identify tickets being illegally re-sold or transferred to unauthorised agents or other third parties. Holders of such tickets, which may be stolen, shall be refused admittance to the Ground or removed from the Ground and interviewed by the Metropolitan Police.

1. Relevant to MCC Members only: Tickets for the Members' Friends' Enclosures are solely for the use by Members and their guests. Members must make their guests aware of the Dress Regulations which govern entry to and the behaviour of guests in the Members' Friends' Enclosures.

2. All applicants remain responsible at all times for the tickets which are allocated to them.

3. All applicants are responsible for ensuring that their guests fully understand that all tickets are strictly non-transferable.

4. A ticket must not be re-sold or transferred, save that if more than one ticket is allocated to an applicant, those tickets may be used only by the applicant and the person or persons intending to accompany such applicant to Lord's. An applicant may transfer or re-sell a ticket at face value to a person who intends to accompany him or her, but no person shall re-sell or attempt to re-sell any ticket or tickets for an amount of money greater than the value printed on each ticket. All applicants and the persons intending to accompany them fully understand that their tickets are otherwise strictly non-transferable and that such tickets may not, under any circumstances, be auctioned, offered for sale or re-sale in any manner whatsoever or used in contravention of these Conditions.

5. Any ticket which is allocated to any person shall not be used for commercial hospitality by any person or company trading for that purpose; and without prejudice to the generality of the foregoing the holder of such a ticket shall not, as part of a hospitality package or for any other reason, purvey, advertise, auction, or otherwise offer for sale, or use as a competition prize, the ticket or tickets allocated to that person without the written permission of the Chief Executive & Secretary of MCC.

6. A duplicate ticket, issued as a replacement for any ticket which has been stolen, lost or temporarily mislaid, or is defective or damaged, or has been sent to an old address, will be issued by MCC only on production of a written statement by the person who originally purchased the ticket. If stolen, it is imperative that the theft is reported to the Police in order that a crime number can be allocated. This number is to be quoted on your written statement for duplicate tickets. An administrative charge of 20% of the face value will be made for each duplicate ticket.

7. In the event of an e-ticket being in operation for a match day, the e-ticket holder may enter Lord’s either by printing out the e-ticket on white paper or by showing the e-ticket on a mobile device. The barcode on each e-ticket will only admit ONE entry per e-ticket. Multiple copies MUST NOT be made; the first e-ticket scanned at the event will be allowed entry, however, subsequent scans (whether the original or copies) WILL NOT be allowed entry into Lord’s. If the Ticket Office has to reprint an e-ticket, under the same guidelines as stated herein under Condition 6, the 20% administrative charge will also be applied.

8. Any ticket acquired in breach of these Conditions shall be null and void. MCC shall be entitled to confiscate or invalidate any ticket or tickets which are offered for sale or acquired in contravention of these Conditions. All tickets are sold subject to the MCC General Ground Regulations which are hereby incorporated into these Conditions. Additional copies are displayed at all entrances to the Ground, around Lord's and are available from MCC on request to the Chief Executive & Secretary.

9. A refund scheme applies to the first four days of the West Indies and Pakistan Test matches. On those days, if play is restricted or does not take place on the day for which the ticket is valid, an automatic refund will be made to the original ticket purchaser, subject to there being:

(i) 15 overs or less because of weather conditions or completion of the match – a full refund; or

(ii) 15.1 overs to 29.5 overs because of weather conditions or completion of the match – a 50% refund.

A similar scheme applies to the England v. Australia One-Day International, but only if the amount of play is limited to the above numbers of overs, as stated under (i) and (ii) with no result being achieved on the first scheduled day of the match.

In respect of Vitality Blast matches a similar scheme applies, a full refund will be issued but only if the amount of play is limited to 9.5 overs or less with no result being achieved.

10. If an applicant has to return, to M.C.C., tickets for any of the first four days or either Test Match or the One-Day International, the Club will attempt to re-sell such tickets, but only after all other tickets for the relevant day have been allocated. If tickets are returned to the Club within six weeks of the match day for which the ticket is valid, a charge of 20% of the face value of each ticket will be deducted by M.C.C. from the proceeds of such sales. Tickets may be returned only by the original applicant.

All tickets returned in this manner will not be offered for sale by MCC until all remaining tickets for the relevant day have been issued. Under no circumstances will MCC guarantee the re-sale of any returned tickets.

The Terms & Conditions for the Sale & Distribution of Tickets constitutes the Conditions under which tickets are allocated to all applicants. Any person who fails to comply with these Conditions shall be refused admittance to or ejected from the Ground and will be denied the ability to purchase tickets for future matches at Lord's.


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