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MCC Foundation launches emergency appeal in response to Covid-19

Posted: 3 April 2020

The MCC Foundation has launched an emergency appeal in response to the COVID-19 pandemic, to fund meals for the most vulnerable in Westminster.

The MCC Foundation, the charitable arm of Marylebone Cricket Club, is raising funds for a vital project delivered by Unity Works in partnership with Westminster City Council (WCC). The project will provide meals for those most at risk during this critical time.

Donations to the homeless community have reduced dramatically over the last few weeks, and this has left many in desperate need of food.

Unity Works will provide at least two nutritious meals every day to the 450 homeless people currently housed in temporary hostels across Westminster. These meals will be freshly prepared and delivered to the hostels seven days a week.

Unity Works is a social enterprise that focuses on providing training and employment opportunities to people with learning disabilities and/or autism, including Westminster residents. Thirteen members of their current cohort will support this project, preparing and delivering meals, and so the initiative is also fulfilling an important function by protecting the livelihoods of these residents.

"It is more important than ever that the cricketing community come together to do something really important as a collective"

Speaking about the decision to support the project, MCC Foundation Director, Dr Sarah Fane, said: “Whilst many of us have anxieties about our loved ones, our livelihoods and our health, few of us will be wondering where our next meal will come from or where we will be able to rest our heads tonight.

“In this unprecedented time, when the Foundation is unable to support its national and global cricket projects in the usual way, we recognise that we are still in a privileged position to be able to help those who are in urgent need of our support, particularly those living in the communities local to Lord’s.

“It is more important than ever that the cricketing community come together to do something really important as a collective.”

Two of the Foundation’s patrons, Mike Brearley and Mike Atherton, have also encouraged MCC Members to support the project:

“We may feel deprived of cricket, but many of us also feel privileged and fortunate in this time of general struggle and anxiety. This is a chance to make a modest contribution to a project that will make a solid and reliable difference to the lives of some of our least fortunate neighbours.”

Unity Works aim to provide meals until the end of August. If funds allow, over the next few weeks the organisation will roll out their offering to provide meals to other vulnerable groups in Westminster, such as people who are unable to leave their homes due to age or health conditions.

Financial contributions are essential for the project to be able to support all those who need help at this time. The Foundation’s appeal requests a gift of £10, which will fund at least three freshly prepared and nutritious meals. Those wishing to support the project can do so by following the link below.

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