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MCC launch new eLearning module to educate on concussion

Posted: 5 March 2019

MCC has today announced the launch of a new eLearning module designed to educate about concussion in cricket.

The module, which is a layman’s guide on how to deal with concussion in the game, is available via the recently redesigned Lord’s website, and aims to raise awareness on the risks of playing on after concussion.

It is intended for everyone involved in the game, but specifically aimed at the grass roots level of the sport. This includes players, coaches, umpires and other officials.

The module also directs the user to information from Governing Bodies, who provide further details and also the relevant regulations in terms of helmets in the user’s respective countries.

It covers what signs and symptoms to look out for if a player is concussed, what course of action to take and how to manage the game from a Laws and regulations point of view, whilst also aiming to retain the Spirit of Cricket.

It also stresses that not only batsmen are at risk of concussion, but wicketkeepers, bowlers and fielders too.

Replacements for concussion were available in county cricket for the first time last summer, following similar playing regulations being used in Australia. Joe Mennie became the first player to be replaced due to a concussion injury, during Lancashire’s Specsavers County Championship match with Worcestershire.

The Club’s work on concussion originated from the MCC World Cricket committee meeting in 2017, with the committee supporting trials of concussion replacements in professional cricket.

Fraser Stewart, Laws Manager at MCC, said: “We have worked closely with the ECB’s Science & Medicine Department to develop this eLearning module, which will hopefully raise awareness on the risks of playing on after concussion, especially in matches where medical expertise is not present.

“It is not claiming to be a definitive guide, as concussion by its very nature can be a complex subject. In comparison to some other sports, concussion in cricket is relatively infrequent, but it is an important issue to address and we hope that this will go some way to doing that. 

“The Laws of Cricket have not been changed specifically to allow for replacements after a concussion, although a replacement can be made with the opposition captain’s consent. The more awareness there is over the dangers of concussion, the more likely it is that such consent will be given.”

To access the new eLearning module, please click below:

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