Transforming lives in the UK

Within the UK, our mission is to open up access to the talent pathways so that every young cricketer has the opportunity to reach their full potential in the game, regardless of race, gender, or economic circumstance.

Nationwide Cricket Hubs

We run a network of cricket Hubs that provide free-to-access training and match play to 2,500 state-educated young cricketers at over 60 sites across the UK. The Hubs focus on talent: helping promising youngsters who have been engaged through mass participation activities or non-traditional formats to join cricket clubs, develop their hard-ball skills, and access the formal talent pathways.

The Hubs also have a transformational impact off the cricket pitch, helping participants to feel happier and more confident, and improving their focus and performance at school.

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Making Cricket a Game for All

The Foundation is committed to improving representation and breaking down the barriers which currently exist within the game. In addition to our national Hubs programme, we are excited to have launched an ambitious London-wide action plan to make cricket a game for all.

Our plan aims to improve representation at all levels of the game, spanning grassroots, talent, and the coaching workforce. Initiatives include:

  • Supporting forty coaches from under-represented backgrounds to obtain a L1 or L2 coaching qualification
  • Funding a mentor to provide additional support to ensure none of our beneficiaries slip through the cracks
  • Opening access to cricket and Lord’s by hosting Open House days for children from local state-schools
  • Running specialist training led by inspiring role models to empower more young people from under-represented backgrounds to progress into county age groups squads

We are determined to make a real and lasting difference and will be working closely with key partners including ACE, MCC, the ECB, the NACC, and the Refugee Cricket Project to maximise our impact.