Law 23

Bye and Leg bye

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23.1 Byes

If the ball, delivered by the bowler, not being a Wide, passes the striker without touching his/her bat or person, any runs completed by the batters from that delivery, or a boundary allowance, shall be credited as Byes to the batting side. Additionally, if the delivery is a No ball, the one run penalty for such a delivery shall be incurred.

23.2 Leg byes

23.2.1 If a ball delivered by the bowler first strikes the person of the striker, runs shall be scored only if the umpire is satisfied that the striker has

either     attempted to play the ball with the bat

or          tried to avoid being hit by the ball.

23.2.2 If the umpire is satisfied that either of these conditions has been met runs shall be scored as follows. If there is

either      no subsequent contact with the striker’s bat or person,

or           only inadvertent contact with the striker’s bat or person

any runs completed by the batters or a boundary allowance shall be credited to the striker in the case of subsequent contact with his/her bat but otherwise to the batting side as in 23.2.3.

   If the striker wilfully makes a lawful second strike, Laws 34.3 (Ball lawfully struck more than once) and 34.4 (Runs permitted from ball lawfully struck more than once) shall apply.

23.2.3 The runs in, unless credited to the striker, shall be scored as Leg byes.

Additionally, if the delivery is a No ball, the one run penalty for the No ball shall be incurred.

23.3 Leg byes not to be awarded

If in the circumstance of 23.2.1 the umpire considers that neither of the conditions therein has been met, then Leg byes shall not be awarded.

If the ball does not become dead for any other reason, the umpire shall call and signal Dead ball as soon as the ball reaches the boundary or at the completion of the first run.

The umpire shall then

-       disallow all runs to the batting side;

-       return any not out batter to his/her original end;

-       signal No ball to the scorers if applicable;

-       award any 5-run Penalty that is applicable except for Penalty runs under Law 28.3 (Protective helmets belonging to the fielding side).

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