Law 10

Covering the pitch

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10.1 Before the match

The use of covers before the match is the responsibility of the Ground Authority and may include full covering if required.

However, the Ground Authority shall grant suitable facility to the captains to inspect the pitch before the nomination of their players and to the umpires to discharge their duties as laid down in Laws 2 (The umpires), 6 (The pitch), 7 (The creases), 8 (The wickets), and 9 (Preparation and maintenance of the playing area).

10.2 During the match

Unless determined otherwise before the toss, on each night of the match and in inclement weather at any time during the match

10.2.1 the whole pitch and a minimum of 4 ft/1.22 m beyond it at each end shall be covered.

10.2.2 the bowlers’ run-ups, where possible, shall be covered.

10.3 Removal of covers

10.3.1 If after the toss the pitch is covered overnight, the covers shall be removed as soon as practicable on each day that play is expected to take place.

10.3.2 If covers are used during the day as protection from inclement weather, or if inclement weather delays the removal of overnight covers, they shall be removed promptly as soon as conditions allow.

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