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MCC statement on new ICC conditions

MCC has issued a statement clarifying the difference between the new ICC Playing Conditions, introduced as of 1 October 2011, and the Laws of Cricket.

The new regulations, which apply to international cricket only, include the outright banning of runners in matches which fall under the jurisdiction of the ICC.

However, these new regulations do not apply to the Laws of Cricket.

In practice, this means they do not apply to levels of cricket below international level - though they may be replicated by other boards such as the ECB.

To help explain how these changes differ and align with the Laws of the game, of which MCC acts as Guardian, the Club's Laws Manager, Fraser Stewart, has discussed these changes with


Perhaps the most talked about alteration will be the banning of runners from international cricket.

MCC has discussed its opinion that runners should be retained and the full explanation can be read here.

The ICC has also clarified its position on the issue of batsmen deliberately blocking throws to prevent run outs.

For detailed explanations on these new Playing Conditions - which also includes a different approach to bowlers running out batmen while backing up - please listen or view the media above.

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