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MCC thanks LOCOG as archery ends

MCC released a statement (below) today upon the conclusion of the London 2012 Olympic Archery tournament which took place at Lord's.

MCC has today thanked the London Organising Committee of the Olympic Games (LOCOG) for delivering at Lord’s an excellent Archery tournament for the London 2012 Olympic Games.

With the last arrow having been shot at Lord’s this afternoon, MCC will now turn its attention to hosting the England v. South Africa Test Match, beginning on Thursday 16th August.

Derek Brewer, Chief Executive & Secretary of MCC, said: “Since 2003, when MCC first offered its support to the London Olympic bid, until the time when the final archery medal was won today, the Club has been immensely honoured to have been involved in the biggest sporting event in the world.

“MCC would like to thank LOCOG wholeheartedly for delivering an excellent archery competition at Lord’s, and to congratulate all the successful archers. It has been a great privilege for the Club’s staff to have been associated with the London Olympics, and we have been delighted to showcase this historic Ground to the world as part of the Games.

“LOCOG has done a fantastic job in transforming Lord’s into the Home of Archery, and will help MCC in the next phase to convert it back to a cricket ground.

“We have a very comprehensive plan running over the course of the next 13 days. This has been drawn up by LOCOG and MCC, and the excellent teamwork demonstrated by the two organisations will ensure that Lord’s is restored for the staging of the England v. South Africa Test Match. This plan covers both the decommissioning of LOCOG’s archery overlay as well as MCC’s preparations for the Test.”

MCC has appointed turf consultant, Steven Pask Limited, to conduct the repair works required for certain areas of the outfield. Some parts will be re-turfed, whilst other parts will be repaired, and when spectators arrive on the first day of the Test, they will see an outfield that is fully fit for play. Throughout the entire Olympic period, MCC’s Groundstaff continued to maintain the square and to prepare the Test pitch.

Immediately after the cricket season finishes the whole outfield will be relaid.

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