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Griffith praises 'tireless' Hodson

MCC President Mike Griffith has praised the efforts of his 'tireless' predecessor Phillip Hodson, as the former's reign gets underway.

He's done a lot of good work for MCC

Griffith takes over from Hodson on 1 October, the traditional time of year for changes to MCC's committees. Each President stands for one year.

Of Hodson, Griffith said: "Phillip was amazing. I think he did more dinners and functions than any President before him and he also managed to play some matches.

"He had fantastic stamina - I don't think I'm going to be able to quite match that!

"I hope we'll be able to keep him around this year - he's done a lot of good work for MCC."

Former Sussex captain Griffith has been heavily involved with MCC at an administrative level, and is currently the chairman of the Club's Cricket committee.

He is also following in the footsteps of his father, Billy, who was MCC Secretary between 1962-1974 and also served as President in 1979/80.

"I'm very excited," added Mike, whose godfather is PG Wodehouse.

"There's so much good work going on here at MCC and it's a very great honour. My father was President, I grew up just up the road and its amazing that I'm now going to have this chance."

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