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MCC Committee wins Special General Meeting

MCC's Members voted in favour of the Committee
MCC's Members voted in favour of the Committee

MCC President Mike Gatting has called upon the Club to move forward with its Masterplan for ground development, after Members voted in support of the Club’s Main Committee at a Special General Meeting held at Lord’s.

The Committee had asked the membership to vote against a resolution, proposed by 212 of MCC’s 18,000 Members, asking for the appointment of an Independent Inquiry into the processes, finances and governance of the Club’s ground development.

The Committee argued that an inquiry would serve no useful purpose and would stall the Masterplan for developing the Ground using MCC’s own land and own resources.

This fifteen-year plan intends to ensure Lord’s remains the world’s finest ground, and aspires to put the Club in the best possible position to win two Tests and two ODIs each year in the future.

In total, 7,747 Members voted, with 20.1% (1,556) voting for the resolution and 79.9% (6,191) voting against.

In the room 114 Members voted for the resolution, and 188 voted against. By post 1,442 voted for and 6,003 voted against.

Therefore an Independent Panel will not be established, and MCC will proceed with its Masterplan.

Gatting, who presided over the Special General Meeting said: "We have seen an informed and impassioned debate over recent weeks and months, culminating tonight, and I’d like to thank everyone who contributed, whether by speaking or voting.

"Few subjects exercise and interest the membership as much as how best to develop this wonderful ground of ours.

"That’s entirely understandable – Lord’s is one of the jewels in cricket’s crown and must be looked after for benefit of everyone who loves the game, not just now, but in the future. With its Masterplan for development, MCC is now excellently placed to improve the facilities at Lord’s without losing any of its unique charm.

"I’m delighted that the membership agree that the Club should move forward with its plans.

"We must stop looking back and unite behind the excellent team we have in place to ensure Lord’s is the world’s finest ground for years to come."

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