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Pollock encouraged by wearable technology

Shaun Pollock at Lord's in 2012
Shaun Pollock at Lord's in 2012

Shaun Pollock believes wearable technology could be a viable solution to the problem of throwing in cricket, as ICC and MCC continue research into the topic.

Pollock was part of the MCC’s World Cricket committee who received a presentation from ICC General Manager of Cricket Geoff Allardice into the current state of the project during the WCC’s latest meeting, in Abu Dhabi.

To put something on when they’re out in the field is definitely the way forward

And the former South Africa all-rounder was encouraged by what was presented to the committee.

He said: "I was really impressed with the presentation.

"There’s no doubt that throwing or suspect actions in cricket has always been a grey area, so any chance of them coming up with a mechanism which can be worn on the field of play if there is someone with a suspect action to get some data is a move in the right direction."

Research into the technology is currently at stage two of three, and features two inertial sensor units placed on the back of the arm – near the elbow.

It is hoped that a method of attaching these sensors to a player in a match scenario can be developed in the near future in order to allow testing during competitive fixtures – rather than the current system of laboratory analysis.

And Pollock is under no doubt that wearable technology is the best option for eliminating suspect actions from the game.

"To simulate match conditions and environment is basically impossible," he added.

"So to be able to put something on when they’re out in the field is definitely the way forward – I’ve been really impressed by it."

In its capacity as custodian of the Laws of Cricket, MCC is working alongside ICC on the project. ICC will now put together a plan for the next phase and present to MCC for their approval and continued involvement.

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