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Waugh calls for greater anti-corruption funding

Waugh has spoken out on anti-corruption funding
Waugh has spoken out on anti-corruption funding

Steve Waugh believes ICC's Anti Corruption and Security Unit (ACSU) should be given greater funding to deal with corruption in cricket.

Speaking at the latest meeting of MCC’s World Cricket committee (WCC), in Abu Dhabi, the former Australia captain aired his view that more finance should be made available at a time when the increase in t20 leagues around the world is creating ‘real potential danger’ for the game.

He said: "ICC are talking about $2.9m [annual investment in the ACSU] which to me is a not insignificant - but needs to be more to make sure that we monitor what's going on."

Waugh’s particular worry lies not with cricket at the highest level - describing the international game as ‘well monitored’ by anti-corruption units – but rather with many of the emerging t20 tournaments springing-up in the aftermath of the IPL.

"They don't seem to have the same governance or people looking at and scrutinising the matches," he added.  "Some of the minor leagues... where there's private ownership of the teams, are an area which needs to be monitored closely.

"There's real potential danger for corruption when the eyes of the cricket world aren't as focussed on what's going on there."

Some of the private leagues need to be monitored closely

A decade on from his final Test, Waugh remains highly respected throughout the game, and is a particularly strong voice on anti-corruption efforts – leading the WCC’s working party into the problem.

And after the committee heard from the current head of the ACSU, YP Singh, in Abu Dhabi, Waugh was encouraged by the strength of the relationship between the two bodies - with the WCC presenting a number of reccomendations.

"I think we were all pretty encouraged that they took note of our points and on at least 2/3 of those points they agreed and had taken action," Waugh told

"We certainly didn't expect them to follow all 12 points - a few of those were a little bit controversial in nature and would require a bit of work - but the good thing is that we're pretty much on the same page.

"It's probably also good for them to have some back-up and to know that they're on the right track and that the WCC is supporting what they're doing."

Waugh on anti-corruption - listen to the full interview

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