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From 11 to 1

From 11 to 1

Debutante Ashton Agar is the top scorer in the opening Test of the Ashes series so far, falling agonisingly just two runs short of becomming the first number 11 to score a Test century. 

wilfred rhodes

So now seems like a good day to take a look at some batting 11s from history, and in particular Wilfred Rhodes - another left-arm spin bowler who started his career at a young age.  

By the time he retired from the Yorkshire team he had scored a phenomenal 30,000 runs and taken an amazing 3,608 wickets in first-class cricket. 

But it’s a feature of his international career I’m more interested in highlighting today.  During his career he held the record for both first and last wicket partnerships! 

In 1903 in the 1st Test of an Ashes series he batted at number 11 and took part in a 1st innings last wicket stand of 130.  England went on to win the match. 

Eight years later he took part in another great partnership of 323 this time he was opening the batting. 

Will Agar go on to achieve this? Will he move up the batting until he’s the opener in the 2021 Ashes series? 

Let’s wait and see.

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