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Dravid: 'Pink the future for the Tests'

Rahul Dravid has urged the cricket world to embrace the pink ball, day/night format after his century helped MCC beat Nottinghamshire in the Champion County clash.

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01 Dec 2010

The no-ball knowledge

Andrew Flintoff may have taken a wicket at Lord’s with his front foot suspiciously close to the popping crease but it is Australia’s spinners who have caused the most difficulty with some examples of very close calls for no balls in relation to the feet.

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01 Nov 2010

How to re-write the rule book

You're facing your big brother in the back garden and you finally manage to get hold of one of his fast balls and send it flying over the fence into Mr. Grumpy’s garden.

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01 Oct 2010

'First claim'

The recent ODI series between Pakistan and Australia saw a controversial run out where both batsmen ended up at the same end and there was uncertainty over which batsman should have been given out.

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30 Sep 2010

MCC announce eight Law changes

MCC has introduced eight amendments or clarifications to the Laws of Cricket which come into effect today.

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01 Sep 2010

The best decision you'll ever see

The recent Test series between New Zealand and India produced an excellent example of the Law stating how the wicket is put down.

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01 Aug 2010

Quick-thinking catchers

You wait years for a peculiar incident to take place in cricket and then, like London buses, two turn up at once.

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01 Jul 2010

Haddin's helping hand

The first ODI between Australia and New Zealand recently threw up one of those strange dismissals where no one quite knows what happened

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01 Jun 2010

Cap in hand and other aids

Even leading internationals make basic mistakes that cost runs.

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01 May 2010

Avoid the middle ground

If you were watching the India-Australia Test series at the end of last year, you might have spotted an incident in the third Test at Delhi.

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