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Enlightened gathering

In his latest blog for, MCC World Cricket committee Chairman Mike Brearley reflects on the 'enlightened gathering' which took place at Lord's.

"The World Cricket committee meeting has just finished and already several of our number have had to rush off to fulfil media commitments. Some of us, thankfully, have a little more time to sit back and reflect on the meeting, but I like to think it is testament to the quality of many of those involved that they are considered to be amongst the foremost commentators on the game. It certainly makes for enlightening gatherings.

"Naturally, over the course of a day and a half, all sorts of topics are covered, but a few of particular interest were the DRS system, corruption and day/night Test cricket.

"We received an excellent presentation from Paul Hawkins – the founder of HawkEye – which gave me a greater understanding and appreciation of quite how accurate the predictive path technology is. The committee was extremely supportive and certainly I hope it is used across the board before long. Clearly the BCCI have not historically been in favour but the continued technological progress has, members felt, come to show that DRS is beneficial to the game. However, it is crucial that there is a robust accreditation process in place to ensure that HawkEye, or whatever equivalent is used, is of the highest quality. Boards would then be able to choose between different approved systems and have total faith in whatever they use.

"Of course, ICC have a huge role to play in establishing the uniformity of technology used, and, as ever, it was incredibly valuable to have the input of Dave Richardson, the new ICC Chief Executive. Both parties clearly think very similarly on a number of issues, such as corruption. For example both MCC and ICC are in agreement that a forum between all the national boards’ existing anti-corruption units with the ICC’s ACSU will be a very useful way of sharing initiatives, information and best practice.

"I think it is also crucial that every country establishes a players’ representative body. The only way corruption will be stamped out is if the players fully own the problem, and having a players’ body is necessary for the implementation of education, codes of conduct and confidence in reporting any questionable approaches.

"Finally, on the subject of day/night Test cricket, naturally we were delighted when ICC gave the go-ahead for floodlit Tests to be played when both participating countries agreed. Twenty20 and ODI cricket have been marketed well, but for too long Test cricket has been somewhat left behind, as if its evident quality will be all the advertising it needs. In an ideal world this may be the case, but we keep on saying that, in the right place, at the right time, with the right publicity, day/night Tests could really improve the crowds and atmospheres of the finest form of the game."

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