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Friday, 31st May 2013


Day 1

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England vs. New Zealand

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6:36pm Goodbye from Lord's

6:22pm ton for guptil and NZ win!

6:12pm dropped!

6:10am teapot!

6:06pm Bresnan belly down


Goodbye from Lord's

As Sky's Micheal Atherton leads the disection into England's performance at the post match presentation, it's time for us to bid you all a fond farewell. Until next time . . .


ton for guptil and NZ win!

After surviving a rather wishful review from England and then four byes that nearly hit the helmet (which would have denied him his hundred) Guptil pulls Bresnan for four to bring up his century and the also the win for New Zealand. A fantastic match winning innings from the opener.



Guptill tries to go to his century in style with a big straight drive over mid on, but he puts a lot of air on it and Chris Woakes - who has had a pretty poor day with the ball - almost takes a brilliant catch. But doesn't.



Dernbach gets the double teapot out after the umpire wides him for a bouncer which was possibly a bit harsh - but wasn't a classic delivery.


Bresnan belly down

Franklin drives through the covers off Root. An easy chase for Bresnan but he gets his slide all wrong and ends up face down on the outfield as the ball trickles over the boundary. Kind of sums up England's day.

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