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The Lord's Public Ticket Ballot

Lord's Cricket Ground uses a ballot to allocate tickets for international matches at the Home of Cricket.

MCC believes that the ballot system is the fairest way of allocating tickets for matches which are often oversubscribed, as it gives all applicants an equal opportunity to watch major match cricket at Lord's.

2017 Ticket Ballot

The Public Ticket Ballot for England's four internationals at Lord's next summer is now closed.*

Thank you to everyone who entered!

All those who entered will be informed soon via email whether their applications have been successful or not.

Any remaining tickets will then go on general sale.


International fixtures at Lord's 2017

Fixture Date(s)
England v Ireland - Royal London ODI Sun 7 May
England v South Africa - Royal London ODI Mon 29 May (Bank Holiday)
England v South Africa - Investec Test Match Thu 6 - Mon 10 July
England v West Indies - Investec Test Match Thu 7 - Mon 11 Sept

The Lord's Ticket Ballot

What is the ballot?

The general public ticket ballot is the system used by MCC to allocate tickets for international matches which take place at Lord’s.

Why does MCC use a ballot system?

The Club believes that a randomly selected ballot system is the fairest method available to distribute tickets to as many applicants as possible so they can attend a major match at the Home of Cricket.

How does it work?

Those wishing to attend an international match at Lord’s have a window of opportunity to apply for the ballot.

For the 2016 season, including England's Investec Tests against South Africa and West Indies, the ballot will be open between 12 December 2016 and 6 January 2017.

Those wishing to apply for the ballot may do so at any time between these dates.

Every application is treated equally, no matter when it is submitted, so take your time making your decisions.

There is a limit to the number of tickets an applicant can apply for on each day.

Once the application window is closed, a random computerised ballot is run to determine which entrants are allocated tickets.

What days does the ballot apply to?

The 2016 ticket ballot covers the following days:

England v Ireland, 2nd Royal London ODI – Sun 7 May

England v South Africa,3rd Royal London ODI – Mon 29 May (Bank Holiday)

England v South Africa, 1st Investec Test Match - Thu 6 - Mon 10 July

England v West Indies, 3rd Investec Test Match - Thu 7 - Mon 11 Sept

See the full fixture list

What about day 5?

Tickets for Day 5 of England's Investec Test matches in 2017 are not part of the public ticket ballot.

Should either Test reach the final day, tickets will be available on a first come, first served basis on that day.

Further ticket information, including prices etc, will be announced on the fourth day of the match and will be decided based on the amount of cricket remaining in the game.

What happens if I'm successful?

If you're lucky enough to be allocated some or all of the tickets you applied for in the ballot, you will receive an email from MCC informing you of this and we will take payment using the card details provided.

If we are unable to take the payment for whatever reason, we will contact you directly to give you the chance to make an alternative payment.

Please ensure the contact details we have for you are correct before completing your application.

What happens if I'm unsuccessful?

Unfortunately, high demand for tickets at Lord's means that many match days are oversubscribed each summer.

Once the ballot is concluded, if you have missed out on the tickets for which you originally applied, we will inform you via email.

For those who have missed out, we then offer a priority booking period for any major match tickets which are unsold after the ballot.

What happens to any unallocated tickets?

Following the drawing of the ballot, any unallocated tickets are placed on general sale, on a first-come-first-served basis, from

All applicants will be informed via email of the success of their application, as well as being provided with information about tickets that become available on general sale.

So, how do I apply?

Applications for matches in 2017 closed on 6 January 2017.

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