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Wisbech Grammar School


7 May 2024 11:30

Match type:

Men's MCC


Wisbech Grammar Schoool
PE13 1RJ


Parking is in the Jarvis Car Park by the Astro. Postcode - PE13 1RL. Please do not park at the main entrance. Notes - car paking is in the Jarvis Car Park PE13 1RL. This is accessed from Harecroft Road and is the same turn as the Hudson Leisure Centre and Wisbech Tennis Club. Please park in the car park at the end of the Astro, but do not use the large bays by the path. From the car park follow the path by the side of the Astro, through the gate and to the left which will take you down the side of the Cricket field to the Sports Office and Changing Rooms.